Archbishop of Wales says 'Time to get your hands dirty' (Shouldn't be too difficult your Grace)

'Let your light shine'

His Grace, the Most Reverend Dr Barry Morgan
Primate of all Wales, ( or so he thinks) says this Easter :

'If we are in Christ Jesus, baptised into Him, and raised to new life in Him, then the implications of that are that we too should live out those values of love, forgiveness and compassion in our relationships with one another'.

( How true Barry lad. Pity you suffer selective amnesia)


Archbishop recommends dirty hands. 
( Shouldn't be too difficult Your Grace) 

The Prize Turnip

Wheeled out for another much awaited ground breaking, mouth watering press release. Morgan the Organ now advocates dirty hands for all church members: http://www.churchinwales.org.uk/structure/bishops/sermonsb/b44.php   20th December 2011.  

By heck lad, thou knowest how to do it so well. Keep taking the tablets.

' Who shall dwell on thy Holy hill'
He who has clean hands, and does not lift his soul to VANITY, or swears deceitfully'. Pslam 24:

Asked if His Grace would have clean hands for Easter, a Church in Wales spokes person said:

'How Archbishop Barry spends Easter is purely a matter for him'


  1. As an Englishman, I wonder, no matter what he is or may be called, but is the Archbishop of Wales in fact ever ''have'' the title "''Primate of Wales''" or "''Primate of All Wales''"?

  2. Good point Anonymous. Bubblet, my consort, is a canon lawyer and informs me that within Wales Bazzar can pretend to be whoever he wishes to be.He longs to be a celeb in England as well.

    This is why so many retired clergy from England are doing 'house for duty' in Wales.
    free housing, concil tax ect ect.

    Mind you, if Bazzar has a bad hair day it could well change for the worse or better, whichever way you look at life.

    Sorry to keep you so long for the comment. More questions for Bubblet if you please.